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The service at Fresh & Clean can't be beat. We've been using this service for the last 2 years and are completely satisfied.
Not only are Chris & his team always prompt & reliable but they do such a thorough job cleaning. Our last cleaners were also good but I've noticed Fresh & Clean goes the extra mile with their focus on the little details. We feel our house is in such good hands and coming home to a clean house is such a treat. Thank you, Fresh & Clean!



Chris came to my rescue and helped me clear out years worth of clutter and junk. He worked with me to prioritize what I wanted to keep and what was just there because it had been there taking up space and collecting dust. He worked tirelessly and efficiently and left the house looking like a new place. Chris has a high standard for what he will consider clean, and it shows in the end result. When he left, the house didn't smell like chemicals, it just smelled clean and fresh. If you want someone with excellent work ethic and a quality end result, give Chris a call!

--Hartley F.


It has been so nice to finally find a reliable cleaner in Santa Barbara. We have two vacation rentals with constant turn over and have struggled with no shows and sub par service.  We have been using Fresh & Clean for 5 months now and finally sleep easy!  Their prices are more than fair for the piece of mind we have when renting out our places sight unseen!!!  Thanks Fresh & Clean!

--Tani T.


After going through various companies for both home and office cleaning, I am relieved to have found Fresh and Clean.  Unlike other private cleaners or companies, Fresh and clean is dependable for always doing quality work and also has a keen awareness of the environment/collectilbes/art, always proceeding with utmost care and attention to detail. I have been very pleased with the service and quality of cleaning.  I highly recommend Fresh and Clean for home and office cleaning!

--Virginia P

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